Manufacturing Process Plan (Strategy)

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· Understand the work schedule on the basis of process plan
· Have a own process meeting for improvement, requirement, special process, etc.
· Establish countermeasure through process plan
· Thorough preparation of material, equipment and timely deployment
· Early identification of the material and equipment allocation according to work plan
· Material commitment on time by proactive management of material per schedule
· Involving the right experts at the right time
· Secure an outstanding workforce and experienced person according to manpower allocation plan
· Early identification of the advanced process plan
· Thorough preparation of project
· Planning of material, equipment, manpower for delivery

Quality Management Policy Statement

ICT Co., Ltd Quality Management System (QMS) is made in conformity with the standard SS-EN ISO 9001: 2008 and we aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer. The processes are being measured, monitored and analyzed to enable achievement of planned objectives.

The Three Major Quality Management Policy (We are committed to)

1. Standard documentation and procedure)

  • Detailed description of procedures for departments and functions
  • Competence of employees for using standard documentation and procedure
  • Detailed instructions for the work in manufacturing and testing etc.

2. Continual improvement of the system

  • The latest production equipment
  • Provide regular training and pertinent information)
  • Continual improvement of documentation and working procedure

3. Customer satisfaction

  • Achieve quality control goal in conformity with specification
  • Comply with fabrication and delivery schedule
  • Customer satisfaction by fulfilling customer needs


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Main Points for Zero Injury

  • Raise of awareness and habituation of HSE through banner and sign in the site
  • Maintenance of clean work environment by arrangement and cleaning
  • Keep zero injury record by safety program and concentrated management of dangerous point
  • Habituation of HSE and disaster prevention by cycle of safety construction
  • HSE system establishment by HSE management
  • Plan for reward and punishment
    • - Reward best HSE prize to each team every month
    • - Worker caught without using their safety equipment will be warned and access control
  • Attach safety facilities on site
    • - Post the status board of construction
    • - Recorder of zero injury
    • - Site Safety Precaution
    • - Fix a poster to office